The Tough and the Cute Dancer

“The Tough and the Cute Dancer” started in 1998 by a collection of photo shootings while using the technique of chronophotography, depicting black and white images of dancers on the move.

The film was analogue printed and then at some point later in 2013 the photographic material was re-worked via the photogravure technique. In 2016, 18 years after the first photo shootings, I digitally scanned and reworked these images by the decision of an art book. Ten pictures were selected and have been used as an inspiration for nine texts. This work-in project of a visual artist and composer with the life-time hobby of classical ballet started with a photo-shooting. It has been finalized in the form of a book based on text.

This process follows the end of the analogue era in printing via digital technology while at the same time it manifests how an artist can express herself in words or her thoughts will vanish, in the same way memories do if we don’t keep a record of them. I started with the safe move of common space in art that is “definition” and defined nine words significant for my career in the same fashion nine ètudes do in writing.


Images and texts: Esthir Lemi
Edited by: Christoforos Marinos
Design: Studio Christos Lialios

Printing: Colorprint
Binding: Dimitra Androvic

Published by Cube Art Editions in an edition of 300 copies

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