Loompianola: A hybrid Instrument

Innovation in Music 2016 – Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge UK

Loompianola: A Contemporary Hybrid Instrument 

Esthir Lemi, Collin McRae, Reed Esslinger 

Loompianola is an ongoing project exploring the shared lineage of a loom, a piano and early computers. The goal of the first version of Loompianola was to examine the basic mechanics of a Countermarche loom, hammers of piano keys and to form a relationship grounded in the physics of string vibration. Modifying an existing loom and player piano provided a musical soundscape out of the compromised and amplified functions of each but also drew on the provenance of the individual objects. The Cranbrook Loom and Grinnell Brothers Player Piano each form a strong link to the ingenuity and industry of southeast Michigan. 

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