The art of breathing connects us with the artefact in question, exchanging information between the inner and outer world with no glamorisation, since humanness forms part of it. Therefore the syntax of things re-arranges itself in free association with memory, in silent mode, working on the first impression triggered, thus shaping our experience. As we comprehend the world through all our senses in collaboration in order to interact, memory plays a significant role in expressing and communicating what lies in-between; The body remembers things that we can barely explain, on a kinaesthetic level and on the level of communication and expression as well. I use the word Hautlichkeit in order to suggest the significant meaning of creating a new vocabulary that we may use in embodied performance art connecting choreography, haptics and transdisciplinary art.  


E.Lemi and E.Vosnaki

International Conference
Choreographic Strategies – New Perspectives
Łódź, 19-20.11.2016

Institute of Contemporary Culture, University of Lodz

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