For ambisonics, Next Generation Festival ZKM
Karlsruhe, Germany 2009
Timeline Lighting-Direction
1. The performer comes on stage while it is pitchdark, she wears black clothes. Naked arms and face. Hair in ponytail. A piece of clay is lying down and a pot with water. She grabs the clay and puts it in the water for as long as it is necessary for it to become flexible. 
People can hear the sound of water and wet clay for as long as it takes for the audience to focus on her performance (the sounds) and remain silent (about 40sec).
Then she stands in her position and in 1:45 a spot-light focuses on her hands. Her hands are put tight together as she holds the clay like a container where the humid clay rests. 5 sec. later the music begins. From 2:00 until 4:00 she starts playing with the clay as it becomes dry. Hands absorb the humid. 
00:00 pitch black, begin audio
01:45 I SP (seq.1) the performer is standing still
03:01 (seq.2) slow movements
04:19 0 SP pitch black
05:30 SP I (seq.3) go-stop, 6 phrases
06:10 (seq.4) rash (fast) movements
07:45 SP 0 the clay falls down, black out
08:01 SP I (seq.5) hands bounded continue the same movement using all possible directions
09:33 SP 0 pitch black
09:55 STR I (seq.6) strobo/ silver rain
10:15 STR 0 pitch black
I Lights on
0 Lights off
2. Two spots placed 1.80m. on the right and left of the performer, 2.30 light positioned in order to light a stripe of 40cm with a 40% intensity. The rest of the body as well as the stage is dark. At the end the hands are full of wet clay spotted by a warm red light in semi-darkness. 
STR- fast and bright strobo-light (100% intensity) is placed on stage-ground on the front of the performer, shining her whole body, in a way that the grids of clay and dust that are falling from her hands look like silver rain.
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