It is July 4, 2012 and it is my first time in London. A big city with lots of lives running in parallel paths. A high-tourist season for its Olympics. And the bizarre: A moving forest.

In act 4 of TAKE2030, Matthew Fuller, Graham Harwood and Rachel Baker’s project, Atau Tanaka performs the 4 hands iPhone at CCAD. Adam Parkinson is in a prestigious residency in Munich. My two hands hold his 2 iPhones on stage.  

For those who don’t know the story Adam & Atau reappropriate the iPhone and its advanced technical capabilities to transform the consumer object to an expressive musical instrument for concert performance. In a duo, with one in each hand, they create a chamber music, 4-hands iPhone.

My experience is quite similar to one of the top Feldenkrais exercises: Same position in two hands like beginning on stage I am holding two similar objects smooth to hold, same-weight. A hand supports me from underneath each palm. And suddenly the supporting hands vanish.

This little trick gives a shock to the body for seconds as the body re-maps its weight. It is a brain re-map: the condition concerns the contact (of the body) to the ground (its relation) and the way it also carries and transforms part of our weight.

This slightly shiver of weight balance and control is what I experienced in clear corporeal exercise. Back on stage in a 4-hand performance, the music of a great musician takes its lead for veiled support, not making my antennas feel the gravity of my body and ground until I am able to trust; and then again music, as a condition dependent on a person I trust on stage, sends me a message that while moving I interact. Adam & Atau thank you! 

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