nD2 for soprano voice and percussion
Percussion: Kostas Theodorakos
Voice and lyrics: Erophile Papadoyas
Percussion Recital 30.03.13
National Greek Opera, Foyer
A tribal game heathen hooks
white sharks flash in the greenest dark
spirits spiral above the ground
returning to ash to earth to us
foot falls creep pure liquid menacing and calming
make haste
Blurring thoughts and butterfly stings reach the eye
propel through the mind
beauty survives
layers of pain drop away free
Have you ever seen a circle?
I am caught inside one
as I sing we divide
Shifting through time.
How can my memory loop forever?
In which world do we belong?
abandoned, alone.
Now, the dew drops wake me safe and sound and square.
Wait! I hear tripping and pain afflicting.
Make it stop!
Truly aware now.
Gaze down; there is a crack, spreading from forehead to navel.
And all the kings horses, and all the kings men, can’t assemble me back again.
Never mind; Finally, the light can shine through me!
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