Reed has a loom and knows every possible weaving technique. Collin has an old piano which co-starred in some mid or post war movie. Now, this old starlet-thing with its tired sound is so hard to keep in tune, but on the other hand the old wood brings back memories of a technology we cannot return to.

Collin plays the violin. Both friends say:

Lets find the strings that will bind the loom to the piano.

And weekends are dedicated to the Loompianola. I am a part of their life at the time- stretching the strings, preparing the piano, holding the hammer, the drill, the wire for three months.

The beginning of the fourth month finds us at the Duderstadt Gallery. With the support of Cathy Reister who believed in our vision we were given a wide open space, a playground for a joyful experiment. On May 10th the loompianola could sound, in many various ways, the huge monster needed up to 4 performers: a weaver, a pianist, a violinist, a percussionist, and its terrain could expand to more players or in adding a more intelligent technology.

We had three improvisation performances in five days and for the last one Eric Sheffield brought his Metal Mirror knowledge and Simon Alexander-Adams his pianist virtuosity in percussionist rhythm. Loompianola was his horse, the whole system started breathing normally like it wasn’t a hybrid anymore. Not a spaghetti of sounds, but still.

“Eterna” sets Reed as the soloist; the weaver in her eternal movement that gains a percussive continuity. Sound information could be added from the other 3 brilliant performers where the extra applied strings work as a resonant harmonic feedback that has a pick in 3/4 of the whole score, a depiction of the rug Reed has weaved. This rug has so much more information on the right part, a crescent and a de-crescent.

What the Metal Mirror added to the whole process is the delicate resonance of that old wood, the amplification of the old chords vibrating, the soft pain hearing the noise of distortion.

“Eterna” is an 8 minute journey to a destination that could be anywhere, anytime in the past or present. A gradually upgrading walking process; of an imaginary construction; of an immersion of the past and future tradition.

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