An Approach to Esthir Lemi’s Soundsculpture “anArrihhos”

Mes faims, tournez. Paissez, faims,
          Le pré des sons.
Attirez le gai venin
          Des liserons.
A. Rimbaud
During her process of research and experimentation of the contemporary avant-garde with her soundscape “anArrihhos”, E. Lemi endeavors one more step in further broadening the arts.
She has installed a three dimensional sculpture where at it’s pivot, some of it’s points rub the imaginative surface and trigger “transparent sound-objects”, thus creating various rhythmic patterns with an accompanying score.
This is a score in constant progress for viola on a concept of abstraction. Reversing the Pythagorean “harmony of the spheres”, created through different timbres and atonality, an out of space mystical music leads us to the inside of our memory space.
It is a sculpture, a flawless sound, a time-space and therefore a complex process in composition of one vibration of the intellect, a flourishing thought where the soul rests on primal sources.
From the wide “Le pre des sons”, the subject of expression follows the endless movement of the complex ways of the mind, as a direct reflection of the (eternal-external) universe, thus broadening its limits.
The artist proposes an interactive and as well kaleidoscopic process as the method for approaching perception as humans that participate (consciously or primitively) on the mystical transition of the meaning of this world, which constantly evades us.
We as humans carry within us the reason and meaning of existence that through art and the process of our lives lived, attempt to exceed our limitations by participating via body and soul to this effort through creative processes.
The fragile body and the eternal soul are represented by the 3-dimensional sculpture and its auditive schemata in rhythmic dissonance of a process that metaphorically includes the right of freedom and aeon (eternity)
The composer, inspired by Herakletus’ quote «ὁδὸς ἄνω κάτω μία καὶ ὡυτή» (The way up and the way down is one and the same), where body and soul are one, microcosm ad macrocosm, expresses its meaning in a way a holistic artwork can do. She visualizes the agony and tragedy of life that limited in an inconceivable universe “climbs” (plays with the word αναρριχόμαι in Greek) on the etudes of thinking processes that try to reach the absolute.
It is a fresh aesthetic proposal that sets Esthir present to contemporary art thinkers.
Dimitris Papanikolaou
Official Manager of the
Municipal Gallery of Patra
Patras International Summer Festival 2014
Group Exhibition “In Honor of Ch. Themistokleous”, Stoa Argiri
Viola: Marios Dapergolas
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