Through the Looking Sound: Manifesto for a new pianism

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Through the Looking Sound is a piano piece that performs as a manifesto for the new pianism: the transparency of the micro- and macro scale structures in music composition.

The professional performer, in this case the pianist, invests in the execution of a piece a personal embodied energy, which cannot be part of a written code in the composition and thus cannot be preprogrammed digitally. In the actual context of multidisciplinary artistic creation, another artist from some other artistic field cannot read this specific layer, cannot even see it or hear it, and considers the composition as mere material. The post-crisis behavior of such artists contains a kind of speed and desire to achieve everything immediately in a condensation and unification of roles (composer/visual artist/dramaturge/curator/performer in one). This behavior exercises a new kind of violence, very similar to the one that dominates the political and social reality and the various propagandas, ignoring and therefore annihilating the communication between the composer, the performer and the audience.

This piece renders visible in its minimalistic pianism, the forgotten dialectic of the communication mentioned above, celebrating the freedom of the human creativity, that can only be the work of artists but in the same time be absolutely transparent as of its structure and making for the audience. 

First Event: November 15, 2019 

Program, Muted Blast (.2), meta.ξ (
Benzaquen Hall, DiMenna Center for Classical Music, NY City, USA 

Jana Luksts, piano (

Second Event:  March 9, 2020

Program, Worm Moon
The Piano Lunaire, Toronto, Canada

Jana Luksts, piano 

Images: Jana Luksts performs Through the Looking Sound by Esthir Lemi in rehearsal (2019)

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