Pentimento: synchronising the senses in a timely and timeless approach

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Esther Lupander has remained in our memory for more than 135 years as the young girl in a room tying the laces on her dancing shoes. It does not matter if she stopped dancing, grew old and perished just like Helene Schjerfbeck, the artist who immortalized her in the famous 1882 painting. This masterpiece is a gem for research in lighting design. It captures a moment in time long before artificial intelligence began to dominate entertainment and “parenthetical windows” removes the central character from the painting and uses the background to follow the thread from the natural to the artificial. It is a work in progress examining the replicating process in contemporary life and its impacts on the senses in their effort to find a common code of communication. Beginning with the 24hour circadian cycle, it looks at the passage of time during the day and the effects of light and darkness on personal limits and needs. This first presentation of 10 years research examines possible explanations for the connection between internal rhythms and stamina/fatigue levels. For one week from 6pm-8pm E. Lemi will introduce her work and engage in open discussion regarding the future of her research in building trust in the senses and the examination of art history as common ground for the redefinition and process of communicative patterns. HCAS Helsinki January 2019 Parenthetical Windows is a research project that proposes a lighting design for dark rooms and basements, which preserves the best possible conditions for human activity. The endeavour is a cultivation of the “full sensorium” using abstract forms of art (light, soundscape, odours) and its narratives (the illusion of perspective) to create a multimodal experience for the user. In this effect a changeable periodic evaluation is set in a case study rooms by connecting change of light with other senses (smell, corporeal cognition, entertainment).
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