Hippolytus’ Arrow

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The summer is a good time for starting over which in the artistic act means: taking a leap and jumping into new territory where extravagance lives.
Let’s define extravagance: A place where everything is possible and where humanness defeats its gravity.
A lot of things have happened this summer.
The most extraordinary was that I found a wing- as Emily Dickinson describes it for her bee in her poem about fame – I am an active member of metaΞ collective!
MetaΞ is a collective of young composers who have two things in common: the country of origin, Greece – and music. We all are contemporary composers.
I remember seeing a poster on one of my professors’ wall two decades ago while I was still a student;
Named “The magical Theatre”, it depicted actors standing in the air, doing things that are impossible to imagine and it all looked so dreamy and beautiful. The picture extended its frame to the area behind the scene and thus revealed the technicians who were making the whole spectacle possible.
Having this in mind, every extravagance made sense ever since. I promised myself that one day I would find the tools to make this extravagance happen in my own terms. The picture came to my mind when I started brainstorming with the team of the collective.
Now, the first draft of an opera is in process. More solid in our diaspora, metaΞ can re-invent collective work on Drama.
We all have a story to tell, and it is good to use old wisdom: from Greek origin in a playful way, and with all the senses activated in our hybrid creative thinking, drama has always being a question of humanness.
As an artist, I admire end-products but I admire even more successful communication patterns and collaborative processes. Onwards!

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