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haptic diary 1: the sound of water

Haptic Diaries is a series of sculptures in the form of a book. The project started as research for my BA in painting when I was focusing on the aesthetic process of combination in various 
materials, structuring narrative and non-narative combinations.

Underlying this project were a couple of thoughts about art, possession and communication. These 
books functioned as diaries. It seems that all the unwanted and seemingly unworthy things I gathered as material and thoughts were re-transformed in the pages of these books and finally took the shape of a scrapbook from my state of the arts and conscious view of the world.
The idea of a series of haptic books seems a functional one since contemporary technology permits playful, low-budget realisations which I research. Moreover, such interactions place the observer in the position of an active reader. In these new haptic books words are only used in a non-linear narration, thus sharing equal importance with the texture, the sound and the slight vibrations that the body of work entails and in order to react-respond. The idea is to create a tool for various readers to cultivate a 
link of perception and communication patterns, transforming hearing-seeing disabilities to a poetic global communication code of full sensorium. 

in collaboration with Prof. S. O'Modhrain and Prof. S. Serafin, Performing Arts Technology, University of Michigan and Multisensory Experience Lab, Aalborg University respectively.