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Assignment of K. Papakosta for the masters course in curating (2014) under the supervision of Profs G.Simiris and E.Solomon


Department of Fine Arts and Sciences of Arts

University of Ioannina


Tetrachromia is the Greek word for the ancient Greek four-colour-technique that as used according to Pliny the elder (Natural History, Book XXXV, Chapter xxxii) by the painters Appeles, Aetion, Melanthius and Nicomachus. The four colours were white (Melinum), yellow ochres (Attic), red (Pontic Synopis) and black (Attramentum). Esthir Lemi translates this classification in the timbral musical surface of the string quartet and the aleatoric score of the piano program notes.   


Esthir Lemi's composition "Tetrachromia" not only includes but also concentrates significant knowledge as well as integrating a complex interactive process that the audience could find it to be both captivating and stimulating. The interaction is the very essence of this exhibition, the dialogue between the musical/visual object and the audience is what makes it significant and takes the sheer sense and perception of assimilation one step further.