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A haptic book in collaboration with  Prof. S. O'Modhrain and Prof. S. Serafin, Performing Arts Technology, University of Michigan and Multisensory Experience Lab, Aalborg University respectively

Performing in a full Multimodal Artificial Environment adapted to the Circadian Rhythm.
Helsinki Collegium

In collaboration with Prof. M.Gotsis and Dr.V.Lympouridis
Creative Media and Behavioral Health Center
School of Cinematic Arts/ SCI 308 (a.k.a. The Garden)
Los Angeles CA

Venice Biennale 2014

OTS Foundation 2016

Creating a Visual World
Interdisciplinary Press

NIME 2012

Institute for ComputerMusic and Sound Technology Zurich

Innovation in Music 2016 
Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge UK