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for Dissonart Ensemble (alto flute, bass- clarinet, piano, violin, viola, cello), Thessaloniki Concert Hall, 2008

Conductor: V. Symeonidis

Performance Notes

Menos is a war game played by two teams of three players. However, there is a seventh element, which can alter the game at any time. The game takes place in 6 stages, with the second team taking the offensive strategy and providing the cadence.

As a game, the score is devided into stages and not parts, since a stage involves an element of failure. Every stage is a completely new world that prerecuisites the existence of the former one. In this way the final stage is reached only if the former five are well executed.

The seventh player is the clue that activates the whole structure of the piece, existing in every form of synaesthetic illusion where seen phenomena are comprehended by the audience as sound. Each of the six stages has a different quallity, the aim of the game being for both teams to reach the final stage having rejected or redefined the opponent`s synaesthetic material.

In this way, the first stage has a kinaesthetical-visual activity, the second an environment of illusion, while at the third stage the activity is dispressed within the characteristics of sound. This excesss is repeated at the forth stage, as repetition reveals secondary information performing a primary function.

At the fifth stage both teams are united as an automatic sound machine, while the final stage is an environment that remains constant to all the rules of the musical performance. At the same time, in that final stage all the former non musical material is presented without being apparent.